Our commitment to your families future
Secure Document Storage

How safe are my documents and how can they be retrieved if needed?

Many clients fall under the temptation to keep documents at home, however this is not always the safest place. We have had many clients experience their original documents being destroyed or disposed of by accident, or simply lost over time. If instances like this happen, then you would need to have your original documents re-written, which can be a costly exercise.

If you had dementia or had lost your mental capacity you would not be able to have your documents re-written.

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Our storage is fire proof and ensures the security of your confidential and valuable documents. The City of London also keep documents in the same facility.


We issue Storage Certificates for every document stored and provide letters to your Executors and Attorneys, so they know exactly who to contact to recover a retrieval.


We scan all signed Wills into our system to ensure we can provide proof, on request, that your Will was made and executed.


As part of our service, we enter all Wills onto the National Will Register, provided by certainty.co.uk, free of charge. 

This would normaly cost £30 if you did this yourself.

We do this because if someone dies and a Will cannot be found then a search can be conducted on the National Will Register by a professional such as a Solicitor or your Executor or a family member.

What makes us different?

Having important documents to store is a good sign that you did some planning.

It would be so easy just to pop them into store and forget about them until they are needed.

In fact thats what many people do.

Only when they come to need the documents they discover they may be out of date and unfit for purpose.

this is very common with Wills and Trusts.

In the last decade there have been 5 major changes that could affect your documents.

With this in mind we created a product to keep you and your loved ones on the right direction for the journey of life.

Why use COMPASS?

Keeping up to date

We know from experience that people often forget about things and never review or keep their documents up to date. 

We can be your reminder. 

Every two years we will contact you to say “Hello” and just check nothing has changed with your circumstances and we will make any necessary amendments for FREE (usually charged at £60 per request). 

We will also let you know about anything that might affect your current documents, such as changes in legislation and/or tax rules.

Storage with registration

Your will is safely stored with us in our storage facility provided by our partners Iron Mountain and will be registered on 

the National Will Register, provided by certainty.co.uk, (usually £30). 

We are also happy to store any other documents you might wish to store at no extra cost.

Ongoing advice

At anytime you can call us and get professional estate planning advice without the worry of escalating bills.

Updating your documents

As life progresses people often want to “upgrade” their documents and add additional protections. 

Changing from a simple Will to one including a Trust perhaps or even changing the type of Trust. 

If you are a COMPASS client, you will only be charged the difference between the work already done for you and the new work required.

Protecting your family

Having gone to the trouble of making sure your affairs are in order, it’s often natural to want other family members to benefit from professional advice. 

We will conduct FREE consultations for any family members you request, anywhere in England & Wales.

Probate with helpline

Eventually every family suffers a bereavement. It might be a friend, a relative or even a neighbour. You will have access to our free Probate helpline. 

Here you can get confidential impartial, no obligation advice. 

So many people, at a time of grief, make ill-considered decisions.
Our advice line is there to help people establish what they might need to do before taking any action, that they later find costly and often even unnecessary.
Call us on 0330 555 1231.

Save on funeral costs

If a funeral has not been organised and there is no prepaid funeral plan, then it is possible we could save the family money on funeral costs. 

Again, this might be for a friend, a relative or even a neighbour.

Fixed Probate fee with price match guarantee

When sadly the time comes, we will return the Will personally. 

Meet with your family to discuss the nature of your Will document to provide advice on the steps that may need to be taken.
We will advise Executors and Trustees of their duties and ensure everyone knows what to do.
Your family will be entitled to access a fixed fee estate administration/probate service and a discount of 2% off our regular prices 

Saving them hundreds of pounds and in some cases thousands.

Furthermore, we guarantee to match any like-for-quotation*

*excluding VAT and disbursements.